Image slideshow "For me, garden design is about achieving a cohesive marriage of planting and hard materials which sits easily and gently within the local landscape.
I believe that things are never as exciting in singularity as they are when they collide with something else - light and shade, soft and hard, old and new. I take inspiration from the forms and flowing curves of nature, and contrast these with sharp lines and a modern take on traditional materials.

I try to create spaces to excite, as well as for respite, for exploration as well as contemplation, and believe that the best rewards come to those who stay a little longer, and wander a little further.

I strive to ensure my personal values extend to my business - to be honest
and transparent, to treat everything, living or otherwise, with LinkedIn icon Facebook icon Twitter icon respect, and to
maintain a sense of humour in torrential downpours."
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As well as achieving a distinction, Fiona also won the External Examiners Prize, awarded by Cleve West, upon graduation from the London College of Garden Design. Read more